You’re getting married!


Are you the type of people who like to have everything planned months in advance, or do you prefer to live life more relaxed, without worrying about deadlines? In both cases we’ll help you with your wedding planning. TAKE A DEEP BREATH! It’s easier than it seems.

Stop a moment to think about it, ask and we’ll do the rest.


  • Timing

    The first thing you should do is set a date to get married, and then choose the location where you’ll
    celebrate the wedding. Once you’ve decided on the date and the space, relax. The hardest part is over!

  • Invitations

    Now you can tell your families and loved ones that you’re getting married. Normally you let your guests know once the wedding date is decided. Approximately three months before the wedding you send out the formal invitations with all the details.

  • Music

    What kind of atmosphere would you like at your wedding? Do you want to hire a DJ? Or maybe an orchestra or band? These details make the difference. You can liven up the cocktail with ambient music, pick an entry song...all couples have their “song”, that sounds good loud on your day.

  • Decoration

    If you’d like to have a wedding personalized to your tastes and interests, the decoration is essential. For this we have a Decoration Department who can advise you on how to get what you’re looking for.

  • Clothing

    And let’s not forget the bridal gown. There’s something for all styles and budgets. Enjoy this unique, one-time moment, despite all the headaches it’ll bring you!

  • Buses

    For the comfort of the guests, it may be convenient to rent buses. So they can not worry about driving for the day and enjoy to the fullest!