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Bokado wants to help you to organize one of the most important days in your life. we want everything to be perfect; that's why we customize it at your taste, to make your wedding a special day.

We’re a catering company based in san sebastián, but we also work in bizkaia and move around as needed.

We’re a diverse group of professionals. We coordinate among departments to ensure that no detail is overlooked for your special day. Let us assist and accompany you - we’d love to be part of your journey.


BOKADO is a company that has dedicated its life to hautecuisine.

Created in San Sebastián (1996), in a city where we all know cooking has an importance and transcendence, the founders of this project are pioneers and strong proponents of culinary art in its miniature form.

THE GROUP has specialized in the management and realization of all kinds of events, weddings and restaurants within an upmarket gastronomic alternative, making available its own spaces and staff to celebrate these events.

A consolidated Logistics Department and a permanent commitment to a strong R & D+I policy, allow us to meet the most demanding and cuttingedge challenges, making continuous improvements to the key feature of our company philosophy.

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Still don’t know the properties we work with? Each space offers a distinct wedding; you just need to pick the place that suits you best. Click and discover which place is yours. Don’t be shy!


To organize a wedding, there are many things to consider that you may not have even thought of. but don’t worry. we’re here to help. get paper and pen and, step by step, we’ll go over everything involved in an event like this. get comfortable!

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